Benefits of managed IT services provided by Tecnologia

Benefits of managed IT services provided by Tecnologia

Aerotree is a distinguished provider of Aviation Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) services, specializing in the complex and highly specialized endeavor of aircraft maintenance in the aviation industry. Our MRO services ensure the reliability, safety, and productivity of your aircraft assets.

With our global expertise and capabilities, we are equipped to implement effective maintenance programs that safeguard efficient operations. By conducting precise surveillance and upkeep of aircraft and their supporting facilities, we strive to maintain public and governmental trust in the safety of our skies.

At Aerotree, our aviation MRO services are designed to detect and prevent failures before they occur. By prioritizing proactive maintenance measures, we support the constant and effective delivery of services, while also mitigating financial risks.

Trust in Aerotree to provide the comprehensive MRO services needed to maintain the highest standards of aviation safety and operational excellence.

With our deep industry knowledge and extensive network, we offer a professional and streamlined approach to help you navigate the complexities of this specialized market. we provide a personalized approach to help you find or sell the perfect aircraft, whether for private or commercial use. Let our comprehensive appraisal services and expertise make your transaction seamless and successful.

  • Complete Aircraft Operational Management, including strategic planning for aviation requirements.
  • Market research and assessment, feasibility studies, and aircraft financing options.
  • Flight department start-up, acquisition, sales, and mergers of aviation businesses.
  • Domestic and international flight planning, crew screening and hiring assistance, and evaluation.
  • Aircraft Appraisals, offering a complete aircraft appraisal service.
  • Establishment of spare parts supply chains and customers in-house maintenance facilities.
  • Spare parts management and delivery.
  • Overhauls of components and advance exchange.
  • Aircraft On Ground (AOG) services.
  • Manuals and documentation delivery.
  • Bulletins.
  • After delivering the aircraft and training the crew, providing 24/7 on-site support.
  • Experienced personnel, including Field Service Representatives and Engineers, for complex solutions.


We, at Aerotree, have built a strong reputation in the defense industry through our high-performance solutions and significant investment in research. Our expertise lies in enhancing the safety of critical infrastructures, securing financial markets, protecting sensitive data, and connecting security forces on critical missions.